Monday, July 29, 2013

Name 'em and Shame 'em

It's been a while since I have had a really good fail story to brighten my blogging.  Given the amount of time that I have been spending in LFD/LFR, it was only a matter of time.

I'll preface this story by saying that my tolerance has been pretty high lately - I have dragged Prety Saundin from normals, to heroics, to LFR.  Much of that time I have been undergeared and I have been the one who has been carried or supported, or at the very least, tolerated for the contribution I have been making.

As such I feel that it is only fair to extend others similar courtesy. I don't care if you are doing good DPS, I care if you are at least trying to do your role.  If you're a tank, try to keep aggro and pay some attention to my mana. If you're DPS, and say a hunter, turn off growl on the pet, otherwise just try to contribute.  I don't care if your gear isn't fully gemmed or chanted (mine isn't), I don't care if you need on something as long as you can use it.

So, with all that and a fairly relaxed view, while there have been idiots, there have been few that really got my blood boiling. Until the other day.  We were in MSV and one of the Hunters was complaining. Lots. He died and got no heals, blah blah blah. I carefully pointed out that the last boss had been pulled with only two healers alive in the group including myself, that I am not terribly well geared and we still killed the boss.  Triage was the name of the healing game and we were strictly prioritising based on importance. Sorry, Tanks beat DPS hands down. Healing the tanks and myself and the other healer was my complete focus.  Anything that was extra in a spare GCD was just a bonus.

He still complained about the bad job that the healers were doing.  We them moved on to Elegon and wiped (shakes head, don't even get me started).  He died again, and blamed the healers. Again. No fault of his, he is awesome, we shold bow before his magnificence etc, and he didn't recieve a SINGLE HEAL. (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea).  Most of the healers didn't want to get involved, but I was happy to tell him that we were doing our best.

We regroup and finally get the boss down, however, this particular moron ended up next to me on the edge of the platform for most of the fight. Here's what I saw (Once I saw him next to me, I set him as my focus to see what was happening).  He did not switch from attacking the boss. Not once. He did not cast a single spell or do anything except white damage to the boss the whole time.

This is the incompetant that is blaming the healers? I don't think so. Vipor - Stonemaul, I salute you for being the very worst of self-absorbed, Gen-Y huntards who think that the whole point of every other player in game is to stroke your inflated ego and boost you through content.  You might have gear, but you haven't the faintest clue as to how to play, and then after ignoring the most basic rules, you want to blame me?

Ah well, you do that, blame me and my brethren ... you are now imortalised as the utter tool that you really are. Enjoy.


  1. compleatly off topic...i had a panda monk tank in a lfd the other day named Sohei, from some server starting with was very disconcerting...

    Glad to hear you have refound your love of healing all the things again Saund! a passion close to my own heart;)

  2. Whingers are always gonna be the losers. They always are. LFR, BGs, the ones making the loudest noise seem to be the undergeared or the lazy buggers.

  3. I was running Strand of the Ancients at the weekend, and in one BG our team seemed to have no clue what to do, so I was typing out instructions - Cap GYs, teleport back to yellow etc, when some guy started trolling me in whispers, calling me names and telling me to shut up, as I had no right to tell other people what to do.

    He then 'linked' his Gladiator achievement to prove he knew what he was talking about and I didn't, to which my riposte was that this was a BG not an arena. His abuse continued until I put him on ignore.

    Anyway, after the game finished, I saw on the stats page that he had done absolutely nothing during the battle, and had simply leeched honor from start to finish. I looked him up on armory, and his Gladiator achievement was bogus, too.

  4. I am glad to see that you're back to your Paladin. This blog has been a little too squishy lately. :)

  5. Thanks Nyss :).

    So very true, Navi, and I should put more effort into changing the tone for the better.

    I guess in the end you can't let those sort of people get to you, Alipally. There will alwasy be those who expect a free ride, and nothing we say will ever change that.

    Lol, Fannon. Holy Pallys aren't what they used to be, for sure. So many changes, and I'm certain that I'm not performing with even a fraction of my toolbox used effectively.