Friday, March 14, 2014

Finding your niche

When I started playing WoW, I played a lot. An awful lot.  I got enjoyment from simply playing, but my goal was still mostly around raiding in some form - even my early alts were as much about being self sufficient and being able to craft or cook anything I needed.  Even before the dungeon finder I was happy to spend hours in chat looking for groups, and more so once I switched to the Paladin from the Hunter as this was closer to raiding than questing by far (plus of course that a Holy Pally is about as lethal as a wet sock :D ).

Then things slowly changed but raiding still formed the bulk of my goals.  It may not have been the majority of my game time, but I was mostly marking time when I wasn't raiding. Time has gone on, and as I have mentioned previously, I play a lot less.  I main-changed for Mists, and spent a long time in the beta playing the monk as much as I could.  I leveled that toon with no regard for anything other than being a raiding monk as soon as humanly possible.

Just about then, I really hit the wall and my playtime dropped through the floor, to the point where I had this level 90 who very quickly fell behind in the progression stakes.  I couldn't catch up and could see no likelihood that I would be able to any time in the immediate future. In possibly my single wisest WoW-related decision ever, I stopped trying, and I stopped agonising over that decision and I went looking for other goals. Goals that didn't focus around raiding.

I'm not likely to give the game up any time soon, and with my Priest the second toon making his way through level 89 purely on pet battles, deciding what my next challenge will be is starting to occupy some of my thoughts.  This might best be described as a secondary goal for the main one, which is multi-faceted - In a perfect world, I'd like *every single pet* that I own to be rare, and level 25.  Now that is a mammoth undertaking, probably up there with the Insane title.

Currently I have only 416 unique pets, and only keep duplicates if they are different breeds. My average pet level is 13.3, and slowly climbing as I continue with the Priest through Northrend, looking for rares of every single possible pet.  My current thoughts are along the lines of making sure that I can get easy access to those pets I need (which mostly means being able to fly for economy of time reasons), but then systematically moving through the continents clearing zone by zone and always having a leveling pet out of an appropriate level to make sure I continue to get the XP.

Of course, that's far too simple (in the most crazy version of simple), so I think my next goal will be to remove all trace of grey and white pets (only 8 and 7 respectively), before coming back to a systematic sweep of the greens. Oh yes, and on toons that aren't 90 in the main so they can get XP as well.

Pretty sure that will keep me busy for a long time to come! :)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The abandoned blog

When I started blogging, I didn't have terribly high expectations. I wasn't expecting to become a sensation, I wasn't expecting to have in-game items named after me, I wasn't even really expecting to find that people liked my particular sense of humour.

I was just using the opportunity to talk about WoW, to rant a bit, and to maybe, possibly, help a few people along the way.  All in all, I don't have a shortage of opinions, and decided that blogging was the cure for that particular malaise.

I blogged, I gave up, I realised I still needed places to vent my ramblings, I started blogging again.

I blogged about WoW, I blogged (briefly) about Diablo 3. I blogged about running, with a little more success.  Of these, the WoW blogging was probably the most enjoyable, as I really felt part of the community. I knew my fellow bloggers, I felt connected to them even if the vast majority never would have known who I was.

Some of my friends still don't know how I fit in the amount of stuff that I have on my RL plate, and things had to give.  Top of that list was WoW, and WoW-related activities - blogging.  I now play much less than I used to. I run more and the time that I spend running has been taken directly from my WoW time.  Mostly, I tinker.

Simply listing the random things I have done is probably not going to be interesting to anyone, and neither is me making excuses for just fading into the ether, so I'll just list a couple of my current projects. I decided to continue my sometimes project of getting all my pets rare quality, and leveled my Mage all the way through 89 by pet battling alone.  Not content with that particular demonstration of my insanity, I have been leveling my Priest, who was only just 88, by pet battling. He is now part way into 89, and he isn't going to do another quest, another anything except pet battling until he hits 90, just because I can.

I also started a new toon (no surprises there) - for the tried and true reason of needing a particular profession to support another toon (my Hordie in Navi's guild no less, where I have been spending more time than on any of my Alliance toons). I mean, really, leveling another Monk (well why not) and finding that the gear he was making needed to be DE'd, of COURSE the thing to do is to start a random class (Shammy in this instance), and level him to mid 20s just so he could DE stuff. Yea, that's me all over!

I had been toying with closing the blog, without a lot of fanfare - after all I pretty much gave up the right to a decent farewell when my last post was in August, however today the universe spoke to me. I had a fangirl moment. I was recognised. Someone not only associated my name with my blog, they made the effort to strike up a conversation and tell me that they still had me on their blogroll after all this time!

It's humbling, it's amazing, and it is very, very embarrassing given that it has been seven (!) months since I last posted. Still, I am back. No promises about posting, but Dragonray, you have made my day. Really.

Monday, August 12, 2013

In which I poke fun at poor Navi :)

After proof-reading Navi's post on tolerance, we had quite an amusing discussion on my spelling in instant messages, ... or lack thereof, which culminated in me apologising for all my typos and managing to misspell 'typos'.  That was a seriously fail moment on my behalf!

Anyway, I was talking about the suggestions and comments that I had made, and poor Navi then went hunting for a typo that I had found, only to come up empty. She did, however find some value in some of my comments and decided to use them as is, word for word, character for character (with which I had no problem at all) ... However on rereading the post, I have now realised that she managed to include typo for typo as well.

So, failing to find the typo I had originally seen (which I think has been removed during the editing process anyway), she has inserted a typo of my origin, so now when  she can't find the typo that is there, she didn't even make it :D.

Sorry Navi, that made my day :D



Thursday, August 8, 2013

Such a simple question, such a complex answer!

I have been rather single minded in my playing lately.  (Not that this is news to anyone who has read my recent posts).  Pretty Saundin has been almost 100% of my focus, and I am slowly getting more of a handle on who is who in the Frosties. I decided that I probably should sign up to the guild forums so that I would get a better understanding of the people and how things work.

As an aside, I know that I have been with Southern Cross for quite a while, and though I am now out of touch, raiding with a core group of people that had been relatively stable for years and being active in guild chat and vent a lot means that I know these people. They aren't just 'fake friends' or on some way less than friends I actually see in the flesh, they are people I know, and who have a personality attached that is more than just their toon. I know if there are guys or girls, a rough age, generally where they live, what they are likely to find funny, and where it is important (read same as mine) what Footy team (Let's not get into the discussion of which football code is Football and just accept that for the majority of Australians , AFL is king. ... I mean, who plays on a square oval??) they go for, and all those little things that you know about your friends.  I still need to get to Canberra to sample a certain guidies pastries that I have heard about at length from others.  Building that up again in a new guild where I have none of that background is a long, slow process and I have to be more careful with what I say in case it can be misconstrued, or I am appearing to be intolerant.  Great. My aside is over 250 words. If I'm not careful I'll turn into well, you know who ;)

Um, anyway, so after that concise diversion, I'll return to my original train of thought.  So I signed up for the Frosties forums, and one of the questions they asked me stumped me and I mean truly made me pause.  These questions are not meant to be challenging or problematic, and they aren't like I'm applying for the guild and it's a 42 page application.  Maybe a pop quiz here.  Can any of the Frosties guess which question caused my angst? I won't keep you in suspense. It's not hard. The question was "What is the name of your main toon". What the heck do I say to THAT? My main toon is Sohei, except that is on a different server and different faction. My main toon in the guild is Saundin, but like Sohei, I have Saundins scattered across the breadth of Azeroth.  If you were wanting to know my raiding history (which they aren't but bear with me), I'd need to look at Saunder, Saundin, Sohei, Saund and heaven forbid, theoretically Pugofcrydee too.  I have bundles of alts, and Saund* is probably not a bad thing to indicate that unlike certain Druids I can't be tied down to a single identifier! Even if you limit it to mains! :D

I had to laugh (yes, another aside. Yes, I promise it will be shorter) when I read the WoW insider post about the player who Packed every single slot in his account with level 85 toons. Navi was the first name that popped into my mind as I tried to calculate just how long it would take her to achieve that feat.  I ran out of fingers, toes, and zeros ;).

The larger question, of course is what I plan to do going forward.  Raiding is out for me, for the forseeable future.  Sohei is a great toon and I was really enjoying him, but now Pretty Saundin is actually further progressed than Sohei. My alt has done more current content than my main. *sigh*. Neither Saundin or Sohei has much more they can do in current content from the LFR perspective - Of course there are upgrades to get, but what is the point if I'm not raiding or planning to? Do I tinker with tanking on either one of them (Masochism, definition: having multiple hybrid toons without a DPS spec between them) I keep toying with pet battles and so on, but they don't grab me in the same way. Do I level another Sohei (Saurfang's version is already nearly L 20 :) ) ... Do I particularly want to level every toon to the cap, no. Do I want to have LFR-ready healing toons of every class? I almost got there last expansion, but I just don't have the brain space to do that and do it well.  Do I just throw my hands in the air and quit WoW - OK, I may do less, but that isn't on my radar at the minute.

I like leveling, I like going through LFD and healing, especially when you have heirlooms and are ridiculously OP ;) ... The levels before BC not so much as BRD has never been a favourite place of mine.  Even for my levels of craziness, farming is starting to get old. I have now farmed on all tooms that are 85 or greater, and Master of the Ways on several, with others close.  On SC I have a full bank tab of Mists cooking mats in my Level 8 personal Guild. *cough*. Too many alts maybe?

I put Saundin, as current-main-toon-in-the-guild would be the logical thing to put, but I guess untill I work out what I plan to do longer term, I can't really answer the question as to which toon is my main completely :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Name 'em and Shame 'em

It's been a while since I have had a really good fail story to brighten my blogging.  Given the amount of time that I have been spending in LFD/LFR, it was only a matter of time.

I'll preface this story by saying that my tolerance has been pretty high lately - I have dragged Prety Saundin from normals, to heroics, to LFR.  Much of that time I have been undergeared and I have been the one who has been carried or supported, or at the very least, tolerated for the contribution I have been making.

As such I feel that it is only fair to extend others similar courtesy. I don't care if you are doing good DPS, I care if you are at least trying to do your role.  If you're a tank, try to keep aggro and pay some attention to my mana. If you're DPS, and say a hunter, turn off growl on the pet, otherwise just try to contribute.  I don't care if your gear isn't fully gemmed or chanted (mine isn't), I don't care if you need on something as long as you can use it.

So, with all that and a fairly relaxed view, while there have been idiots, there have been few that really got my blood boiling. Until the other day.  We were in MSV and one of the Hunters was complaining. Lots. He died and got no heals, blah blah blah. I carefully pointed out that the last boss had been pulled with only two healers alive in the group including myself, that I am not terribly well geared and we still killed the boss.  Triage was the name of the healing game and we were strictly prioritising based on importance. Sorry, Tanks beat DPS hands down. Healing the tanks and myself and the other healer was my complete focus.  Anything that was extra in a spare GCD was just a bonus.

He still complained about the bad job that the healers were doing.  We them moved on to Elegon and wiped (shakes head, don't even get me started).  He died again, and blamed the healers. Again. No fault of his, he is awesome, we shold bow before his magnificence etc, and he didn't recieve a SINGLE HEAL. (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea).  Most of the healers didn't want to get involved, but I was happy to tell him that we were doing our best.

We regroup and finally get the boss down, however, this particular moron ended up next to me on the edge of the platform for most of the fight. Here's what I saw (Once I saw him next to me, I set him as my focus to see what was happening).  He did not switch from attacking the boss. Not once. He did not cast a single spell or do anything except white damage to the boss the whole time.

This is the incompetant that is blaming the healers? I don't think so. Vipor - Stonemaul, I salute you for being the very worst of self-absorbed, Gen-Y huntards who think that the whole point of every other player in game is to stroke your inflated ego and boost you through content.  You might have gear, but you haven't the faintest clue as to how to play, and then after ignoring the most basic rules, you want to blame me?

Ah well, you do that, blame me and my brethren ... you are now imortalised as the utter tool that you really are. Enjoy.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Capped, twice in two weeks!

*shakes head*. It has finally come to this. My altoholism and my OCD are not playing nice together. I still haven't logged on to an Alliance toon to do anything significant for I don't know how long. However, Pretty Saundin has now maxed Valor two weeks in a row. This is the first time in MoP that I have done that, and on an ALT no less.

I was looking for upgrades and realised I was a mere 5 VP from being able to get the Shadow-Pan Assault neck. Obviously the best way for a healer to get those VP would be the Fatty Goatsteak daily (OK, no comments on my sanity, I know it was stupid). Twenty minutes later I had killed 6 goats for my steaks. It would have been even longer if some poor hunter hadn't taken pity on me. You know your DPS is bad when he flew over me, turned round, came back, 2-shot the mob (which I had been beating on for a couple of minutes already) and politely enquired as to whether I had an off-spec.

Off I went to the VP vendor and happily, that brought me to exactly 460 iLevel combined between my specs. See, the offspec is just a way to cheese the iLevel *cough*. I ran the two halves of HoF and scored a couple of upgrades, which was very nice indeed.

I'm now a little over half way to the next iLevel requirement (470), so hopefully next week will see that too.

So now here I am, playing the class I ditched in favour of the monk. On an alt. Playing Horde. *shakes head*. What is the world coming to! I really want an alt or three to help with bag space ... and professions ... and I do like the monk ... No. Must. Not. Start. ANOTHER. Monk. Actually, I really need a bank guild. Noooooooooo. I *have* a monk. A nicely geared monk. Must. Not. Transfer. Monk.

I really should get back to playing my normal server. *throws hands in air* Anyone got a cure for altoholism? Lol.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gearing up, 3rd APF Charm

Pretty Saundin is happily working on the gearing up roundabout, being greatly benefited by the increased drop rates from MSV LFR (Although not having elder charms to spend on bonus rolls I guess that evens out).  He is now 7 ilevels short of opening up the next wings, which I suspect will take another couple of weeks, unless I am very lucky win the second half of MSV this week.

Alternatively, AMR tells me thatI could go H farming, with still multiple upgrades that could be used to pull the pesky ilevel up, and one decent Valor upgrade I could buy this week if I cap ... Wait, I'm talking about capping Valor TWO WEEKS RUNNING? *eye bulge*. Crazy talk.

I also managed to nab my 3rd (Sad, sad fisher-altoholic) Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm too, which is pretty awesome as it will come in most handy as I continue the Master of the Ways grind on yet another toon.

I'm pretty sure there should be some sort of achievement for completing that on say 5 toons - Saundin Ramsay has a nice ring to it! :) as well as pretty much indicating the amount of swearing that one does to get that!